Birthday’s around the world and other great planned Programs for World Thinking Day

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World Thinking Day is February 22nd every year! 

Do you know what World Thinking Day is for? It is when Girl Scouts and Girl Guides from 146 countries celebrate being part of the global sisterhood.  Each year there is a different theme you can get more information on the theme for this year by going to the Girl Scout Website, click here.

My Troop has always tried to do different things each year to help the girls learn more and more about countries around the world. Today I want to share with you some planned programs I have put together along with some simple games and ideas you can incorporate into your World Thinking Day plans this year.

Around the World Birthday Celebration

Do you want a fun way for your girls to learn about birthdays around the world.

Many countries have different traditions and customs then the USA when celebrating people’s birthdays. Click here to get the Birthday’s Around the World Activity Booklet which includes a fun way to celebrate different birthdays as a group. Along with a number of group games from around the world that you can play at your “AROUND THE WORLD BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION”

Each girl will pick a different country to represent (if you have a large group you may need to pair your girls up), then just like a birthday in the USA you will celebrate that girls birthday with the traditions from the country they choose.  After celebrating all the different birthday traditions the girls will have a chance to try a handful of different games that are played around the world just like at a birthday party here in the USA. Click here to learn more about this exciting activity booklet for World Thinking Day.

FIVE World Centre Memory Game

When planning your troops World Thinking Day event you may choose to find countries where Girl Guiding/ GS exists. Learn a game, song, craft, recipe, or activity unique to those countries and share it with girls. Another idea is to learn more about the 5 locations that have the World Centres in them. This game will teach your girls 12 different facts about each of the 5 World Centre locations: Mexico, Switzerland, India, Africa and the United Kingdom. It has variations based on your girl’s level. You can decide how difficult you want to make it. You can play with Daisy and Brownies a more standard matching game – printing the cards twice and they find the pairs, you can make it more difficult for older girls and they must find all the cards matching their country card (one of the 5 world centre locations) You will get 4 different ways to play the game. Get your copy of the World Thinking Day Memory Match Game now!

World Trefoil Game

One thing that is great to teach your girls is the meaning of the World Trefoil Pin. Use the following game to teach your girls the meaning of the Pin many of them are either already wearing or will be wearing after your event.

I found this game searching around the Girl Guides of United Kingdom. I took what they had and created my own game board to use for each girl and then when they are complete they will have the paper to take home with the meaning of each part of pin. Click here to learn how to play the game 

World Thinking Day Bingo Game

During your troops World Thinking Day event teach your girls all about Girl Guides, WAGGGS, World Centres and more using a fun game of bingo.

There are 24 different facts. When you draw a word tell the girls what each item means. After one game play again and have girls tell you what each item means. The download comes with 50 Bingo cards and the fact sheet. Click here to get your Bingo Game For Your World Thinking Day event. 

Plan a Airplane Ride – Traveling Around the World

Few years back for Thinking Day our service unit had a big event, where we started out the event with a trip on a Airplane. We had a foreign exchange student who came and talked to the girls, we made that as part of the on flight entertainment. We also had a cart that we served water while on plane. This blog post includes the script we used,and image you can print and use for your next World Thinking Day airplane ride around the world. Click here to get the whole idea. 

If you need ideas for recipes from around the world click here for a Pinterest board with inspiration. 

Here are some great ideas for World Thinking Day Patches

If you are looking for interesting fun patch to put on the back of your girls vest, has a pile of different kind, some are specific for the year, but they also have a lot that are specific to the country you may be focusing on for your troops World Thinking Day event. Click here to browse all the patches

Have a amazing World Thinking Day With Your Girls!