6 Fun and Unique Theme Meeting Ideas to Use with Your Girls

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Over the past years our troop has had some fun at our meetings and camp outs by making them theme events. The girls have to come dressed as something and if they participate in the theme they get to collect a rubber ducky. Today I want to share a few of my themes we have done.

Outer Space Theme Meeting or Camp out

Rubber Ducky Theme MeetingFor a halloween fall camp out we did outer space theme party we played a lot of wacky games. But one game the girls really enjoyed was create your own alien out of toilet paper.

Alien Toilet Paper game

Give each team 2 rolls of toliet paper and tell them they have 10 minutes to create the best alien. Choose one girl to be the model. At end have leaders judge the best alien but best part is of course taking the pictures. You can get these ducks here


Zombie Theme Meeting or Camp out

zombieHave your girls come dressed like a zombie. This can be a great fall idea around halloween, or even just for fun any other time of the year.

Editable Fires

We bought everything needed to do editable fires at this meeting.

  1. Start with a safety circle (paper plate).
  2. Place rocks (marshmallows) in a circle to surround the fire. to surround the fire.
  3. Add kindling (pretzel sticks) in a square or A- square or A—frame.. frame.
  4. Add tinder (potato sticks) in the center. Add tinder (potato sticks) in the center. er (potato sticks) in the center.
  5. Add red hots (coals) to the top. Add red hots (coals) to the top.
  6. You’re edible fire is done…eat up. You’re edible fire is done…eat up. You can get these ducks here

Pirate Theme Meeting or Camp out

pirateHave the girls come to meeting dressed as a pirate.

Girls at the time were working on the Get Moving Journey so we decided to use recycle items and have girls create their very own pet bird that would sit on their shoulder. Gather up all kinds of left over craft supplies Give your girls the task at hand and they will go wild. You can get these ducks here

Thinking Day Meeting or Camp out


There are so many different things you can do with this category. You can ask all the girls to dress like a person from another country, you could ask everyone to bring a food and poster board with information about another country. We actually have done it a variety of different ways we always gave girls ducks for participating in Thinking Day. You can get these ducks here


Cavewoman Meeting or Camp out


This was a fun theme idea. Everyone comes dressed like a pre-historic cave woman. We purchased a few prizes and did a drawing at end of meeting for the best dressed cave woman. The girls really enjoy coming to meetings dressed up and getting opportunity to do a photo shot before meeting is over. The leaders Love it to!! SO think about it you can just add the ducks to meeting and not do anything different. You can get these ducks here

This is just a small taste of what you can do with Rubber ducky theme meetings and camp outs – we themed two years of scouting just using the ducks we found the duck we wanted then planned the meeting. It was a lot of fun and the girls loved it. At the end of the two years we asked the girls to take a picture with their duck any way that they would like. Below is a image of just a few girls and what creative things they came up with.

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