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On My Own Activity Booklet


This activity booklet was designed to fulfill the requirements for the Ambassador On My Own badge or can be used by frontier girl leaders to earn similar badges.

It will have activities that are hands on to keep the girls engaged while earning badge with worksheets for budgeting for life, gift giving, and financial emergencies, a activity to create savings bottle for financial emergencies, a game of the Price is Right, role playing activity to learn more about finding a place to live and more. It is broke down into 5 sections with 2 activities for each. One will be a fun game or activity the other is a real world experience activity.With step by step activities, you can’t ask for a easier way to run your meeting.

Activities include:

  1. Where will you live after high school girls will role play different scenarios practicing being a apartment seeker or apartment owner, and then do a real world activity actually looking at apartments in area.
  2. Figure out your daily needs girls will play a game of price is right exploring the prices of what it takes to live on your own, and then do a real world activity understanding their expenses right now while they are still in high school.
  3. Having fun on your own – First girls will play a game learning more about what it takes to save for the things we want, and then do a real world activity understanding what makes you happy and what you should be saving for in the future.
  4. Planning For Bad Things – Girls will make a money saving container to be used toward unexpected bad things that happen in life then do a real world activity talking and networking with other adults to understand more about unexpected expenses they may have when they are out on their own.
  5. Sharing what you have – Learn more about giving instead of receiving, do a activity where girls learn more about giving without spending money, and then do a real world activity where they start to budget and plan for gift giving for a holiday.

Do you need more ideas on this topic? Gain even more free ideas to teach your girls more about living on their own, click here.


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