12 Fun Games for a Minute to Win It Party with Your Girls

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Are you looking for the next big fun event to do with your troop or maybe your service unit. Have you ever heard of the Minute to Win it game show? If not let me real quick explain it. It is a game show where the participates has 60 seconds to complete a task that could allow them to win a million dollars by completing 10 different challenges using household items. Many of these challenges are things we have laying around our home or can get ahold of: Kleenex, rubber bands, plastic cups, oreos, etc..

We put together a Minute to Win it boot camp and party night. Where we put girls into teams and gave them one hour to practice all the different events. The following day we had a Minute to Win It Challenge game where each group picked one participate to battle the others to complete the game in one minute

One of the funniest games we played was Junk in the Trunk where a contestant had to shake off 8 ping pong balls out of an empty tissue box attached to their waist. And they had to do it without any hands. It was fun to watch the kids but even funnier when we got the leaders involved.

This is a event where you will have lots of laughs and great photos and memories to share for years to come.

I shared the rest of my minute to win it ideas on the GS Leader 411 Blog with directions to 8 other great Minute to Win it games. Click here to check them out

  • Tissue Toss
  • Stack Attack
  • Face the Cookie
  • Pucker up
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Chandelier
  • Golf ball Stack
  • Noodling Around

You can pretty much make any task part of the minute to win it game. Come up with something you want your girls to try to do and tell them they have a minute to complete. Or go with the classic games these above are only a few of what can be found on the Minute to Win it website pick and choose what your group of girls can do and what you have access too. Check out list of even more great games here 

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