Get to Know The Writer, Jodi

The short answer is I am a mom, wife, & web designer and have a lot of leadership experience.  I was a leader of a GS troop and a girl in scouting for a total of 25 years. Below you will find the whole story where my love for girl organizations started.


I was blessed with a Son in March of 2015 and stepped down as a full time girl leader, but missed planning and volunteering, so I decided after 25 years I have so many ideas to inspire girls and help leaders so I choose to build this blog and it has grown into a resource beyond GS, I am reaching girl leaders in many organizations.

If you come upon this site and are trying to come up with ideas for badges, ceremonies, meetings, etc.. feel free to email me or leave a comment I bet in 25 years I did something that I can share to help.


GS troop #80671 has been around for more than 25 years. I would like to tell everyone how the troop began, the troop got started in Conneaut, Ohio, My mom signed the right papers and paid the fee for me to become a Brownie. One night after my troop meeting I came home and said if someone doesn’t come and help be a co-leader in the troop the troop was not going to be able to continue. My dad jumped right onto this and told my mom that you better go and help, several times over the 25 years I have wondered if he ever regretted making that statement. Well my mom became a co-leader and was informed by the leader that all her co-leaders quit on her, funny part after the first year she quit and that is when my mom made the decision if she was going to be a leader it would be on her terms.


Then the problem reversed and she needed a co-leader so that is when Sammie Scott, my cousin got involved and the troop was moved to my parent’s house they decorated the basement,  made it look like the woods right down to making the poles that supports the basement into tree trunks.

It was pretty cool, we had tree stumps for chairs and a fake camp fire, in the beginning we only had about 10 girls and met every other Saturday. Time went by and the troop continued to grow, soon a mom named Robin came in with her daughter Rhiannon, then another mom, Bonnie with her daughter Samantha and the troop continued to grow to a multi-level troop and we had to split the girls up on different Saturdays. Every Saturday became to much plus to much traffic in my mom’s driveway and with the snow it became a big issue, so a decision was made and we asked our local church, Monroe United Methodist Church to sponsor us and we moved to the Church and the rest of that is history.

When I stepped down the member count for group was at 76 members strong with 41 girls and 16 leaders; They are still a multi-level troop our troop number was changed from #671 to troop #80671 through the council, over the years I have seen many changes some good and maybe some not so good, but the values have never changed as we teach the GS Law and Promise.

Girl ScoutsDaisy scouts started when my younger sister Lisa Hautala started Kindergarten she is now 28 years old. Over the years we have had a lot of girls come and go we hope that while they were with us we made a little difference in there Life. In some cases we must of made a impact, we now have several of our past members now bringing there daughters back to our troop or have returned to be leaders. We are a troop with a lot of leaders and leader helpers, over the years we have heard a lot about other troops not having any support, we are proud to say that in the past 25 years we have never come across any lack of help. We would like to thank each and everyone that has been involved with our troop.

When I decided to start this blog, to start sharing what we do as a troop with other leaders, I never thought it grow to be as big as it is today. I love the fact I get to be part of inspiring our girls of tomorrow even if I have never meant them.  Keep up the great work ladies, no matter what girl organization your part of our goal is the same to inspire our girls of today to be our leaders of tomorrow.