4 Messy and Fun Ideas for a Paint Party With Your Troop

Girls love to get messy and paint. Instead of sticking with the standard paint on a piece of paper. Get all your paint and supplies together and have some messy fun with your troop with these fun unique ways to paint a masterpiece.

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Plunger Painting

This one you can go to dollar tree and buy the cheap $1 plungers, and you can use Tempra washable paint and a large canvas. The girls can take turns adding colors to the canvas using the plungers. I would suggest you have 4 different plungers/colors we had 6 and it was way to many got messy and painting almost turned brown.  We did a huge poster board paper and when we were done hung it on wall at meeting space.

Firework Paint

Take 4 pipe cleaners fold in half then twist the bottom portion to create the handle. Then fan out the pipe cleaners to create the star shape. Tell girls to dip pipe cleaner into paint and stamp away. Stamp in same spot, After lifting pipe cleaner up turn it a little and stamp again. Repeat process with new color.  (Suggestion: RED, WHITE, BLUE)

Bubble Wrap STOMP Painting

Large Posterboard for each girl give each girl two different colors one for each foot and let them stomp their posterboard with design they like. It is messy but they will love it!

Hand Print Reindeer and Fingerprint Christmas tree

Grab the green colors and brown color paints and let the girls have some fun with finger painting. Let them be creative if they want to make something other than the reindeer or christmas tree.

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