3 Fun Activities To Earn The Cadette Finding Common Ground Badge


If your looking for ideas to make your meeting more fun while earning the Cadette Finding Common Ground badge, you have come to the right place. As you know when the girls have completed the badge they should be learning the strategies to bring people together even if there are differing opinions, thus the name finding common ground.

If you are searching and only need a few more ideas this post I share two great activities you can try with your girls to add to the fun of earning the badge. But if your struggling to even get started planning your meeting I would recommend the activity booklet from the it has everything you need to complete the requirements of badge. Below are a few ideas to get you started.

Cadette Finding Common Ground Activity Booklet

Before jumping into a few ideas, do you want to skip all the planning? If so, use the Cadette Finding Common Ground Activity Booklet to fulfill the requirements for this Cadette Badge. This booklet includes activities, games, and worksheets to allow your girls to take over the meeting.

Girls will work together to find common ground by exploring what they have in common with girls in your troop, learn how to debate, and find ways to persuade others to agree with them, work together in a activity to learn how to compromise on a issue, learn how to find a resolution to a issue with a mediator. The girls will have fun while learning the skills that are used in our government to help citizens with differing opinions find common ground.With a step by step activities, you can’t ask for a easier way to run your meeting. Learn more about this activity booklet and get yours today!

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Other Fun Find Common Ground Activities

Rebuttal Tennis – Way to Practice Debating

This game will require the girls to think on their feet and come up with rebuttals quickly. All you will need is a list of topics and split the girls into two pairs and have them face each other. One of the girls will make a statement about the topic such as “schools should not allow us to have phones on us at all” then the other girl must make a rebuttal statement. This should go back and forth offering a rebuttal to each others statement. Each rebuttal shouldn’t be longer than a minute. When a girl can’t think of anything else they loss that round. Set a odd amount of rounds with a new topic each round.

SWITCH SIDES IF.. You will Find Some Common Ground

In this activity draw a line down middle of room, use tape or chairs, cones whatever works in the area you are meeting. Then tell girls to stand on either side of line does not matter to start. Then tell them a statement from list below. Tell the girls Switch sides if… the statement is true for you. In some cases tell girls if they switched tell someone next to them more details about why they switched. Such as if you play a instrument tell someone what kind. This is a great game to help the girls find some common ground with each other.

Here are some of the statements:

  • You love to cook
  • You prefer fall more than summer
  • This is your First year in GS
  • You prefer dogs more than cats
  • You were born in (the state you live)…if you didn’t switch sides tell someone where
  • You prefer spring more than winter
  • You have ridden a horse
  • You have lived in another state…if you switched sides tell someone where
  • You prefer camping over staying in a hotel
  • You have 2 or more siblings…if you switched sides tell someone if your oldest,middle, youngest?
  • You have a pet… if you switched sides tell someone what pet you have and it’s name
  • You prefer morning more than night
  • You were named after someone…if you switched sides tell someone who
  • You like to sing…if you switched tell someone you favorite song
  • You prefer mountains more than beach
  • You prefer to read books more than watch movies
  • Play an instrument…if you switched sides tell someone what instrument you play
  • You like to play sports or have played on any teams
  • You prefer swimming more than sledding
  • You have traveled out of the country…if you switched sides tell someone where
  • You prefer washing dishes more than cleaning your room

The list can go on and on you decide how long you want to keep this activity going.

I hope these ideas help you have the most fun possible while earning the Finding Common Ground Cadette Badge.

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  1. Jodi, I have been following you for about two years. I love that you have focused a lot on Cadettes as of recently. Cadettes are so challenging for many as they are hitting such a transition time in their life. I love you have made some of these “boring” (according to the girls) badges more interesting to them and ones that they want to do. I very much appreciate your packets and look forward to seeing more of your ideas.


    • Katie, thanks for the kind words. Yes I am trying to focus on the older groups with those boring badges they can be fun its just hard to do – so I spend a lot of time putting together these booklets so they can be fun but still help the girls learn as much about the topic as possible.

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