6 Fun Activities To Earn The Brownie Senses Badge


Many of us don’t even think about our 5 senses of touch, sight, smell, taste, and hearing because we have them all, but what about people who loss their sight, or sense of smell, or are born without hearing. How does each sense work and affect our lives? That is what the Senses badge for Brownie Scouts is all about. Below are a few ideas to get you started.

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All you will need for the ideas below:

  • Items to make the feel wheel texture items
  • circle posterboard
  • blue dye
  • milk
  • blindfolds
  • cinnamon sticks
  • 5 small containers to put above in to smell
  • Ketchup
  • Coffee
  • Orange
  • Ranch Dressing
  • Peanut Butter
  • 10 small items for Kims Game

Jumping Kim’s Game

Gather together about 10 small items (a penny, a button, a paperclip…). Keep them in a small box – a metal Band-Aid box works well. The game then is handy for any occasion or moment when a little activity, but not too much, is needed.

Girls and adults stand in a circle. Items from the box are spread on the floor in the center of the circle. The “it” person calls out “Jump!” and everyone jumps and turns to face outside the circle. “It” removes one item and then calls out “Jump!” again. Players jump and face into the circle. The first to spot the removed object raises her hand and if correct becomes the next “it” person.   And, when the game needs to wind down the leader can say “Two more times and we’ll do something else…”

Different Ways To See – Visual Illusions

Print off a variety of visual illusions for the girls to see if they can see the different things in picture.


Learn the GS Promise in Sign Language

Sign Language promise

Play Telephone

Have one person whisper a message to the person next to them. Keep passing the message along, with each person whispering what they heard to the next person. The last person says the message aloud. Is the message the same as it was at the beginning?

  • “I went on a hike and saw a blue jay, a squirrel, two bears, and a moose!”
  • “I dropped my new cellphone in the toilet”
  • “My puppy tracked mud all over the kitchen floor.”
  • “I tried bleaching my hair and it turned orange.”
  • “The tiny turkey named tina just ate ten pieces of tin candy
  • “Barbara’s aunt shared her secret sweet potato pie recipe with me.”
  • “Goofy grinning gophers gobbled gigantic grapes while juggling.”

Follow A Friend Using Only Your Nose

Use a cinnamon stick or lemon slice, blindfold girl and hold item close to her nose and see if she can follow it a short distance using her sense of smell. Then switch girls let each one try

Play A Smelly Game With Girls

Use five containers with lids and mark each with a number on them – and put: Peanut butter, Ranch dressing, Orange, Coffee, Ketchup. Now rearrange the containers and try to identify the item that Is in each one just by smell. Who can guess the most smells correctly?

Explore how sight influences taste.

Dye one food a different color than it was originally. Take milk dye it blue. Taste the milk with its normal color and with its dyed color ask whether it tastes different to you and if you like it better if the food is normal color. For added fun then blindfold girls and have them taste milk they now do not know which is colored can they guess right one. Is it all in our heads that it taste different?

Touch and Feel Activity

Find things that have different textures and create a “feel wheel”-cut a big circle out of poster board and divide into eight pie slices in each slice glue something that has a different texture like smooth, rough, sticky, bumpy, hard, squishy, or hairy. Then have girls take there wheel to another person in troop have them close there eyes and guess what each item is.

Try Braille

When someone is missing their sense of sight, they might read with their sense of touch by feeling a set of raised dots. These dots are part of a special system called braille. Use the alphabet to figure out how to write your name in braille. And then write it with dots of glue when it dries you can feel your name in brailleBraille Activity


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