Acorn Necklace, It Is A Fun Fall Craft And Service Project

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We all love the colors of Fall. Along with the leaves changing we also have a number of acorns falling from the trees. Our troop decided to use a few of these acorns to make hanging acorn people to be handed out at a local nursing home to bring smile to their faces.

The girls went on a hike and gathered acorns that were big enough to draw a face on and to give it some hair. Some acorns lose the tops when they fall from the trees the girls gathered those up as well so they could glue back on to give it a hat.

Today I want to share this very simple craft that the girls can make for themselves or choose to give it to someone as a gift or do what our girls did and turn it into a service Project.

What you need:

  • Acorns
  • Markers
  • Glue (you can use tacky glue)
  • Yarn or other material for hair
  1. Gather up the acorns you want to use. This can be a two part event, take your girls on a hike and enjoy the outdoors and while walking pick up some acorns to use for this craft. (I know we are suppose to leave no trace, and not disturb nature, so we explained the girls we would never pull a acorn off the tree it had to be on ground already)
    Acorn Necklace People

2.  Using your scrap pieces of yarn and ribbon you can give your acorn hair and even a hat band that is connected to longer ribbon if your turning this into a necklace.

Acorn Necklace People

3. Using the marker you can add the face to the acorn and your all done!

Acorn Necklace People

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