7 Fun Games and Activities for a Mardi Gras Party with Your Girls

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Are you looking for a fun party idea to have with your troop? Today’s post I will share with you a few ideas on how to throw a Mardi Gras party with your troop. Complete with games, crafts, decorations, and fun patches to give out at the end.

Game Ideas for Mardi Gras Party

Mardi Gras Balloon Pop

What you need: Balloons that are green, yellow, purple, and orange and Mardi Gras beads
How to play: Put one of the bead necklaces into each balloon and blow them up and throw all over the play area. On go have everyone go around and sit on balloons and pop them to find the beads inside and place around neck. Girl with the  most beads at end wins.

Mardi Gras Bead Toss

What you need: Beads they won in previous game, plastic cups
How to play: Now that they have bead necklaces lay out plastic cups and have them try to get the bead to go around the cup. You can do it as a timed contest see who can get the most of their beads around a cup, or just a challenge to see how many you can get individually.


Craft Idea: Bead Mosaic

This idea comes from a great website full of free kids crafts. For added fun at your Mardi Gras party make a Bead Mosaic that will be as unique as each girl that makes them. Click here for all the directions

Decorations / Party Favors

A few things you have to have at your Mardi Gras party is beads, masks and lots of colorful decorations. Here are a few links to some bulk sets you could get for your party

Mardi Gras Fun Patch Ideas

After the party is over give your girls a fun patch to put on the back of their vest to remember the event.  Here are two that I found that are super adorable.

Get this 2″Mardi Gras Embroidered Fun Patch Now

Get this 2″Mardi Gras Embroidered Fun Patch Now

Pinterest Ideas

Lastly if you need more ideas beyond what I have shared here, I have a Pinterest board that I have pinned a pile of ideas I have found all over the web that may help with your planning as well. Click here for Mardi Gras ideas. 

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