6 Great Ideas for Valentine’s Day With Your Troop

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Are you looking for fun ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your girls? This post I am sharing some of the cute ideas I have found on the web that I have tried with my troop and also a activity booklet I put together with 14 games and activities that has everything you need to plan your party now.

Valentine’s Day: 14 Games & Activities for Troop Party Activity Booklet

Before jumping into a few ideas, do you want to skip all the planning? If so, use this Activity Booklet to plan your party for your troop. This is a activity booklet you can use for a fun Valentine Day Party with your Troop. Since Valentine’s Day falls on February 14th this booklet contains 14 games and activities to use at your party.  It is a great resource for every grade level so great for multi-level troops.
Learn more and get yours today!

Valentine’s Day Activities

Word Search Puzzles – Valentine Theme

Add a little fun to your meeting with a quick word search game with a Valentine theme. There are many free versions all over the web. This website here has gathered 31 of the best free Valentine printables out there. Check it out here and print one for your meeting. You could make it a contest to see who can find all the words first.

Bingo Game – Valentine Theme 

Another great game to add to your Valentine party is a fun game of bingo. You can purchase small prizes to give the winners. This website has gathered 9 great Valentine free printables for you to pick from. Check it out here and print one for your meeting.

Dice Rolling Game

All you will need for this game is a set of dice, something to cover spaces and the free printable you can find here. Each girl will take turns rolling the dice and covering the hearts as they roll them. First person to fill wins. Check it out here and print the game for your meeting.

Valentine Left/Right Game 

Before playing you will need to wrap several prizes, they could be as simple as candy bars. Have girls sit in a circle. Hand several wrapped prizes to girls in the circle. The leader reads the story. Every time the girls hear LEFT in the story, they pass the prize to the LEFT. Every time they hear RIGHT in the story, they pass the prize to the RIGHT. Whoever is holding a prize when the story finishes, that person gets the prize! Click here to get the story to use for this activity. 

Valentine’s Day Bean Bag Toss Game

Depending on your girls age they may enjoy this Bean Bag toss game, you can set it up like a challenge who can get the most bean bags in is winner. Click here to get yours

What about World Thinking Day that is in February too?  

If you are planning Valentine’s day you are probably thinking about World Thinking Day as well. I have some great resources to help planning this event as well. Check out these blog post and activity booklets to make planning your event easy!

  • Check out the Airplane Ride where girls will take a airplane ride around the world and complete activities at your World Thinking Day event. Click here.
  • Check out the World Trefoil game where girls will learn the meaning of the Trefoil pin. Click here.
  • World Thinking Day Bingo game – with 24 different facts to learn about while having fun getting a BINGO. Click here to get yours.
  • Birthday Celebration Around the World –  Do you want a fun way for your girls to learn about birthdays around the world. Learn more about this activity booklet here
  • Around the world memory game – This game will teach your girls 12 different facts about each of the 5 World Centre locations: Mexico, Switzerland, India, Africa and the United Kingdom. Get yours here.

More Resources For You Beyond This Site

One thing we all know as leaders we need all the help we can get to make the program fun, educational, and to help build the girl leaders of tomorrow. I compiled a list of some great companies that sell patches, programs and also other bloggers offering amazing resources that may fit your needs even better than my site did plus I made a really cool Kaper Chart you will love to use with your troop.  Grab some of these resources now


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