5 Fun Activities To Earn The Daisy Courageous and Strong Petal


As a Daisy Scout, your girls will have the opportunity to earn 10 flower petals, 4 leaves and the center of the flower. Each Petal representing a different value the girls should be living by. Today’s post is about the “Courageous and Strong” petal.

There is no wrong way to earn the petal, but I want to share with you a pattern that I follow when working with girls on petals

  • Practice being courageous and strong
  • Be Creative (Craft)
  • Get Moving (Game)
  • Put courageous and strong into action (service project or real life experience)
  • Optionally: If I have a song that relates to the petal we will sing that as well.

Today I want to share a few ideas to get you started.

Petal Fairy Garden Adventure Activity Guide and Sticker Book

Before jumping into the 5 ideas for “Courageous and Strong”, I want to introduce you to the Petal Fairy Garden Adventure family, which are 10 flower fairies ready to help your Daisies earn their petals. Your girls will go on a garden adventure helping their petal fairy friends plant their fairy flowers, water their fairy gardens, and learn how to put the value into action one activity at a time.

Everything is planned for you all you have to do is gather the supplies listed at the top of each section and enjoy running your meeting. If you are looking for a fun new way to help your Daisies fulfill the requirements for the petals and flower center, check out the Daisy PETAL FAIRIES: GARDEN ADVENTURE Leader guide and Sticker Books for each girl.  Learn more and get yours today!


Other Fun Courageous and Strong Activities

Two things that are Scary: Try new foods and singing

  • Karaoke – Grab a mic and some kids music. Let the girls take turns singing in front of group.
  • Taste testing new foods – Try something new. Maybe even go with a theme like “Foods that are green. Now that is Courageous and Strong “

Is the egg Raw or Boiled?

You will need to have a dozen eggs. You can boil 6 of them and leave 6 raw.  Mix them up in the egg cartoon and number them. Have the girls take a piece of paper and write 1 – 12 and guess which are raw and which are boiled without picking them up. Then once done, have girls take turns seeing if they are right and break the egg over their hand, its all about being courageous enough to take the chance.

Stories of People and Animals Being Courageous and Strong

Juliette ‘Daisy’ Gordon Low was the founder of GS and she had to be very Courageous and Strong to bring Scouting to Girls. Read her amazing story to your girls: Here Come the Girl Scouts!: The Amazing All-True Story of Juliette ‘Daisy’ Gordon Low and Her Great Adventure

Is there things you wish you could just do without fear?  We all have a hard time doing things that are new in front of people with fear of failing or being laughed at. Here is a story of a brave giraffe that never gave up on his dream to dance at a party even when everyone said he couldn’t.  Giraffes Can’t Dance

Few Pinterest Finds you will love too…

One of my favorite sites to visit is Using Resources Wisely. She is another amazing resource for you all to be sure to follow.  She shared 10 great ideas to help you earn the Courageous and Strong Petal. Check them out here

What Do You Stand For? Character Building Card Game (Game)

If you have read some of the other blog post for petal ideas I share this over and over, because its so great. I found this on amazon a while back and let me tell you its a great way to get your girls talking, it has amazing scenarios to work through, there are many cards that will fit into the other petals as well, so make sure to pick out the ones you want for the specific law you are working on. Get yours here: What Do You Stand For? Character Building Card Game

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My name is Jodi Carlson, I am a mom, wife, & web designer and come with 25 years of GS experience. I am now sharing my experiences and helping other Girl leaders be great and successful and shape today’s girls to be the leaders of tomorrow. I was blessed with a Son in March of 2015 and stepped down as a full time girl leader, but missed planning and volunteering, so I decided after 25 years I have so many ideas to inspire girls and help leaders so I choose to build this blog and it has grown into a resource beyond GS, I am reaching girl leaders in many organizations.