5 Fun Activities To Earn the Junior Detective Badge


If you have a Junior troop they will love working on their Detective badge. Your girls will follow clues and discover facts just like a real detective would. Below are a few ideas to get you started.

Detective Activity Booklet

Before jumping into some ideas, do you want to skip all the planning? If so, use the Detective Activity Booklet to fulfill the requirements for this Junior Badge.This booklet will have activities that are hands on to keep the girls engaged while learning about what a detective does every day as part of their job. These activities include practicing using observation, doing detective science, decoding communication, and learning more about fingerprints.  With step by step activities, you can’t ask for a easier way to run your meeting. Learn more about this activity booklet and get yours today!

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Other Fun Detective Activities

Finger Print Without a Ink Pad

All you will need is paper, pencil and clear tape. Have girls take the pencil and scribble on a large area of paper. Then take your finger and push it down on the scribbled area getting it on finger. Cover your finger with the clear tape and then take the tape and put it down on a white area of the paper or a new white piece of paper. Now you have a finger print without having to buy ink pads.

If you do decide you want to do fingerprinting with a kit here is a great finger printing kit to use: 4M Fingerprint Kit

What Type Of Finger Prints Do You Have

Now that your girls have their finger prints on paper you can have the girls figure out what type of fingerprint they have .Below is a explanation of different type of finger prints.

Original Image comes from: http://www.fun-science-project-ideas.com/The-science-of-fingerprints.html

Power of Observation – Answer a few questions about a video

As a group watch a short video. There are 1000s to find on Youtube. As a example here is one that is short “Observation Quiz”  At the end of the video it asks 10 questions. Have girls use a sheet of blank paper to answer. How was their observation skills?

Watch this video on Youtube

More Resources For My Leader Readers 

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