25 Of The Best Activities To Teach Your Girls About Juliette Gordon Low

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As a new leader one of the first things you probably heard was who started the GS organization and her name, Juliette Gordon Low. Over the years as a leader I always tried to teach my girls more and more fun, interesting and important facts about her. Of course always trying to be fun and exciting.

As you all probably already know there are lots of ideas and activities you can do with your girls to help them learn more about the founder. I have created some great resources here on this blog, as well as used a lot of others from other sources.

This post is going to bring it all together,  I want to share 25 ideas that I think your girls will love. A handful come directly from me as resources I have developed or are things I did with my troop, but others are from other passionate leaders and councils all in one place for you.  Bookmark this page for reference, and share with other leaders. And as always if you have a resource I didn’t list and want to get added to this post just send me a email at jodicarlson@leaderconnectingleaders.com.

Learn more about her life and celebrate Founders Day on Oct. 31. Here are 25 great ideas to get you started…


  • I have…Who Has…Juliette Gordon Low Card Game: This is an easy-to-play game that is a great way to learn about Juliette Gordon Low. Girls will match up the answers on their cards with questions on other girls cards. Learn more and get your game now. 
  • Juliette Gordon Low Bingo: If you are not on my mailing list you probably haven’t gotten the free Juliette Gordon Low Bingo game. You will learn 25+ facts about her. Sign up.

  • Juliette Says: This game is played just like Simon Says, substituting “Simon” for “Juliette”
  • 5 great party games to celebrate Juliettes birthday: This comes from another blogger you should follow. Juliette ideas.
  • Pancake flipping: This was a game that was played when Juliette was a girl. Make some pancakes, just make sure they are overcooked so they are firm and won’t break. Give each girl a pancake and plate. See how many times your girls can flip the pancake before dropping it.

Service Projects

  • First Baby Born Service Project
    This is something I did with my troop a few years back. Just like you will sometimes see the first baby born in the new year wins a prize. We did the first baby born at our local hospital on October 31st sharing Juliette Gordon Lows birthday. We collected baby supplies and made several gift baskets. We also included a Daisy journey book and a cute outfit that said “Future Daisy Girl Scout”. We asked the hospital to let us know who was first born, and ask them if they would be interested in receiving our gift baskets.  We ended up with two large baskets and 3 bags full of baby supplies to donate! After the mom and baby came home from the hospital, we made arrangements to take all the baby baskets to their home. The mom was so excited and the girls felt great getting to deliver the gifts to the mom and baby.
  • Birthday in a Bag: Put together bags with everything you need to have a party. Sometimes circumstances prevent people from being able to celebrate their birthdays. A “Birthday in a Bag” kit can help others feel special on their birthdays.  Once your kits are made, donate them to local shelters or food pantries. If you are interested in knowing what to put in one or how you could do it even as a Daisy troop. Here is how one troop did this and used it to help them earn the Considerate and Caring Petal.


  • Juliette Gordon Low Halloween Birthday SWAPS: Did you know that Juliette (Daisy) Gordon Low was born on Halloween day in 1860? This SWAP kit celebrates her special day. Get the SWAP kit here 
  • Juliette Gordon low pop up book: This is a cute booklet that teaches your girls the story of Juliette Gordon Low – Get the pop up book here
  • Pumpkin Biography: Using facts about Juliette your girls can create a 3D pumpkin which is perfect for Juliette’s birthday and it being Halloween! – Get the biography activity here
  • Juliette Gordon low Pumpkins: – Create a Juliette Gordon Low pumpkin. Decorate a coloring sheet or paper bag like Juliette’s uniform. Using a small dowel rod or stick, decorate and attach Juliette’s head and attach to the pumpkin. Here are some puppet pieces. 


  • Here come the Girl Scout: Read the story of Juliette to girls. This book tells the amazing, all-true story of the visionary founder. Get your booklet here
  • Juliette Gordon Low Poster Activity: This activity is great for everyone that wants to learn more about Juliette Gordon Low. The activity includes 15 fun facts about her with 15 corresponding pictures. Cut out all the facts and images and have girls connect the image to the fact and display on a poster board.  How much do the girls know about her, see how many they can figure out on their own. Have your girls share this poster with other girls and tell them everything they know about her. Get yours here
  • Flat Juliette as a Pen Pal program: Check out more about this pen pal program and a pile of other pen pal ideas and where to find a troop pen pal here.
  • Have a Tea Party with your girls: In honor of Juliette Low’s love of tea parties, you can host a mother/daughter tea party, complete with hats, gloves, and teatime etiquette. Serve sandwiches, punch in fancy cups and listen to classical music as you sip!
  • Get to Know Juliette Gordon Low Activity booklet right from GSUSA – Get it here
  • Juliette Gordon Low video: short 1-minute video on how she started our organization

Fun Patch Ideas

Search For More Ideas

Do you still need more ideas? If so here is a few great places to get started with your search.

  • Have you heard of Makingfriends.com? If not it is a great resource for all things  Scouts, but today’s topic is Juliette Gordon Low, so here is a link right to the section of site where there lots of great ideas for you to use. Juliette Low ideas
  • Leader Connecting Leader’s Pinterest Board – Full of LOTS OF IDEAS for Juliette Gordon Low that I may have not mentioned here. Search for more ideas.
  • How much do you know about Juliette Gordon Lows Birthplace? Planning a trip need ideas etc? Here is the official website to get you started 

Song To Try

Juliette Gordon Low Song
tune:Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

Juliette, Juliette Gordon Low
Founded the Girl Scouts long ago
From Savannah she did roam
But she always called it home

Married a man named Willy Low
And off to England they did go.
There she met Lord Baden-Powell
Starting the Boy Scouts was his goal
When she came back to the USA
She called her cousin right away
She Founded the Girl Scouts in 1912,
Served her country, served it well


Girl Scouts she came here to start
And I thank her from my heart.
Thank you, thank you,
Daisy Low For starting the Girl Scouts long ago!

Other Fall Ideas To Save For Later

I got more ideas your going to love….12+ amazing resources to help you plan and organize your troop + FREE Kaper Chart Download

One thing we all know as leaders we need all the help we can get to make the program fun, educational, and to help build the girl leaders of tomorrow. This post is packed full with ideas for:

  • Kaper Chart ideas plus a free download
  • How to organize your troop
  • Collaboration Ideas
  • Badge Planning Resources
  • World Thinking Day
  • Cookie Season Support
  • Extra Fun For Meetings
  • How to make your troop unique
  • Ceremony Ideas

Check out all these ideas now

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