10 Fun Activities and Games for a Nutcracker Party with Your Girls

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A Nutcracker party, is the perfect theme, for this time of the year, especially since Disney has the “Nutcracker and the Four Realms” movie, that came out this month.

A fun option would be to take your girls to see the movie and then have the Nutcracker party after the movie or at a later date. See at bottom of this post I put the trailer of the movie for you to view and decide if right for your girls. Of course soon enough it will be on DVD so you can watch during the party!

What do you use for decorations?

There are so many options for decorations. You can buy Nutcracker themed plates, napkins, etc. online or you can be creative and make your own.  Pink, pastel colors, gold and glitter are just a few of the suggested colors to decorate your party with. Snowflakes, and twinkle lights also look nice to give it that special feel.  A nutcracker or more than one is the perfect item to have on your dessert table or placed randomly throughout your party area. If your troop has the money a pink ballet slipper ornament would be a nice gift for each girl to take home. 

How to invite and dress at party?

Invitations can be handmade or ordered from a website, like etsy.  The possibilities are endless. You can either hand them out at a meeting prior to the Nutcracker party or mail them to each girl.  On the invitations you should tell the girls they can dress up as any of the character from the Nutcracker, maybe in beautiful dresses. If your girls are younger, you may want to read the book to your girls at a meeting, prior to your party, so they know what the Nutcracker is about.

What to eat? 

Sugar cookies are a good option for your party.  You can bake them ahead of time, in star, ballerina, and soldier shapes, and let the girls decorate them as a fun activity, at the party. Cupcakes, candy, lollipops and hot chocolate are some other ideas.

What Are Some Activities To do?

Visit From The Ballet Characters

Many art studios, schools, or other local theaters will have groups performing the Nutcracker. As a fun surprise for your troop, would be to have someone from the ballet come and visit your girls!

Nutcracker Painting

Your girls can have fun painting their very own nutcrackers with these adorable and ready to paint kit. Here is pack of 6.

Free Printable From Disney

I came across a pile of free printables Disney put out. I thought I share a few here and here is a complete activity booklet provided by Disney your girls will love. This could be a fun activity to do with your girls at the party. Maybe during downtime or when your getting food or activities ready.

What to play? 

Human Christmas Tree

The object of this game is to decorate a girl chosen to be the Christmas tree using decorations.  You will need Christmas tree decorations, tinsel, garland, plastic bulbs, etc. to play the game. You will need enough decorations to decorate 2 human Christmas trees.  Divide you troop into 2 teams. One girl on each team is chosen to be the tree. The girl chosen will hold her arms out during the decorating process. She can’t help with the decorating. The girls take turns taking one decoration at a time, to place on the tree. If any of the ornaments fall off, they need to be put back on the tree.  The first team with their tree decorated wins.

Nutcracker and the Mice

This game is played like freeze tag.  One player is chosen to be the Nutcracker.  She stands in the middle of the group. The rest of the girls are mice.  The mice run around the Nutcracker and try not to be tagged by the Nutcracker.  If they are tagged,, they must freeze until a mouse touches them, to unfreeze them. The idea of the game is to have all the mice frozen, at the same time, then a new Nutcracker is chosen.  You can also change the Nutcracker at your discretion, if you see that it’s taking too long, to play the game. Ideally, each girl would get a chance to be the Nutcracker.

What else could you do? 

Well Pinterest to the rescue! I put together a Nutcracker board with over 60 pins of ideas other people have done for a Nutcracker party. Check it out.

Fun Patch Suggestion

Of course who doesn’t love a fun patch after a fun event?  Here is my take of the best fun patch around. Get yours here

Here is the Disney’s Official Trailer For The Nutcracker And Four Realms.

I hope you have a fun time!

Beyond the nutcracker party there are so many other ideas I have shared that you can use with your girls as well. Be sure to check them out. 

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